What food logistics services does Nissin provide?

food logistics services

What food logistics services does Nissin provide?

Ingredients required in the food industry come from various locations in the world. For many food businesses, it gets hard to manage everything. As a result, companies like ours that specialize in food distribution play a critical role in ensuring food delivery runs smoothly. Proper food logistics helps in distributing through the supply chain safely. Here in this blog, let’s take you through the food logistics services we deliver.

Nissin Takes Proper Measurement for Food Safety

The safety of the food is very important. At Nissin, we ensure your product is stored and shipped with care while following strict regulations from the government. We have temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics along with custom and regulatory processes to ensure good maintenance is there in safety and sanitation in our organisation. We also follow the food safety requirements set by the Food Safety Modernization Act and the Global Food Safety Initiative, respectively.

Warehouse Management Services

Nissin has a complete set of warehouse operations targeted towards providing safer measures. We have a variety of warehouses available worldwide to help you in food shipping.

  • General & Bonded warehousing
  • Temperature-controlled storage
  • Dangerous goods facilities & certifications
  • Facilities for heavy equipment
  • Regular delivery
  • Packing, repackaging, and consolidation service
  • Easy loading & unloading
  • Heavy-duty pallets
  • Equipped to handle Big Bags, paper, coils, and fabrics rolls
  • Key locations

Here is in-depth information about how we work with selected partners to offer you with the best solution.

Temperature-Controlled Warehousing:

Many food items need to have a particular temperature. Some products always require refrigeration, and some only need room-temperature storage. To ensure your product does not get rotten, we make proper use of temperature control in our warehouse, and this includes:

  • The Daily Monitoring
  • Addressing Unwanted Fluctuations
  • Docks for Maintaining Product Needs
  • Tools and equipment with temperature and humidity control

Inventory Management:

We at Nissin take inventory management and tracking very seriously because we see it as a huge responsibility that must be treated with care. A lack of a professional logistics partner makes it difficult to manage inventory and orders, share information with vendors, print labels, report on the most important metrics, and perform other functions. As a result, Nissin takes care of everything for you, including sorting by lot code, expiration date, LIFO, FIFO, etc.

Recall Management:

You don’t have to wait for a recall to take place. Nissin handles all of that for you, and they do it on a regular basis throughout the year. Every employee and system must be able to always perform their duties.

Nissin is an International Logistics Provider that ensures food shipping is on time, in the right place, and comes at the right temperature.

Value-Added Logistics:

Nissin is committed to providing you with the highest quality services possible. Dangerous goods handling, special handling, custom services, and fiscal representation are a few of the other logistics services we provide in addition to warehouse services. We take care of inventory management and display your products in-store according to the specifications of your suppliers.

Transport Management Services:

Getting food from one place to another isn’t always easy. To get your goods from the warehouse to the delivery location, you’ll need a well-organized group of people to help you. A few of the food distribution services we offer are listed below:

  • Transport with own truck in Japan
  • Direct through air, sea, or flight
  • Pick up services
  • LCL and FCL shipping

Port Services:

We are situated close to the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, and Zeebrugge. Nissin performs port services drayage and transloading to and from Europe to all the other continents. We deliver your products quickly and handle challenges well even if it means combining different transport modes, we do it for you.

Food Logistics Services from Nissin:

Food shipping requires expert handling and someone who knows how to transport your food safely. At Nissin, we deliver your products with the complete coordination needed for careful food transportation. If you have any queries related to food logistics services, call us now! 

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