Why Nissin?

When you entrust us with your cargo or logistics challenge, you choose to work with a fair and flexible partner.

A fair and flexible partner


Fairness is of the utmost importance to us. We want to establish fair relationships with our customers, based on mutual understanding. We also want to be fair towards our employees, by creating meaningful jobs that provide room for growth. Furthermore, we want to be fair towards society and the environment. As a logistics business, we believe we can contribute to sustainable economic growth and the advancement of global and local societies.


Through our focus on fairness, we look for the most beneficial solutions for our clients. To provide optimum solutions, we need to be flexible to quickly adapt to situations in a world that is always moving. It might happen that suddenly, there is an available spot on a plane or a ship, so that we can offer you an interesting spot rate. Delays in shipment? Our team is there to quickly resolve any situation, with respect for your budget and timing.

Improving every day

In everything we do, we adhere to the core value that the company name ‘Nissin’ entails. As our name is derived from the Chinese characters for ‘day’ and ‘new’, Nissin seeks to improve every single day. After all, working in a spirit of continuous improvement is the only way to remain a fair and flexible partner to our customers. It is how we respond to our customers’ needs in a global market that becomes ever more complex.

International transports and logistics made simple

Every day, your company receives, stores and ships goods. Your logistics and supply chain are a crucial success factor for your company. They keep your business running smoothly and your customers satisfied.

Transport and logistics may sound simple. It’s shipping your goods, while making sure they arrive where you want them, when you want them to. In good shape. Complying with various regulations. With all duties taken care of.

Transport and logistics may sound simple, but it often proves challenging for many companies. It requires specialist knowledge and a dedicated team that masters several complex processes and regulations.

That’s where an international freight forwarder comes in. We take care of all your transport challenges, so you don’t have to. In fact, it’s what we like to do most of all, with an eye for precision, care and fairness towards our partners, society and the planet. All of this in a spirit of daily improvement, as the name ‘Nissin’ (derived from the Chinese characters for ‘day’ and ‘new’) suggests. We make transport and logistics fair and simple. Freightforward.

A committed team

At Nissin Belgium, you’ll meet a young and dynamic team that shares a vision and mission. We welcome you and we treat you as our guest. A guest whose desires we respect and for which only our best is enough. Like architects, we take the time to listen and find out what you need. Then, we craft tailor-made transport and logistics solutions that move your business forward.

Meet our team

A local partner with a global network

Nissin Belgium offers you a local, flexible and personal approach. At the same time, we are part of the global Nissin logistics network, with specialized branches worldwide. This means that you have access to Nissin’s transport expertise all around the world. Wherever your goods are, they are treated with the care they deserve.

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