Air, ocean, road or rail? Multiple containers (FCL) or smaller loads (LCL)? The fastest option?
Or the most cost-efficient? An urgent, last-minute shipment?
We find the shipping solutions that suit your needs, at rates that stay within your budget.



The fastest way to get your goods on their destination is by air. As an IATA agent, Nissin Belgium has good and direct relations with airline carriers worldwide. This allows us to pick the right carrier for your needs, at competitive prices. Every time.


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Multiple container loads or heavy industrial machinery are no match for an ocean-going ship. Nissin Belgium has contacts with multiple first-class shipping lines that serve key ports across the globe. As such, we design ideal, cost-efficient shipping solutions for you.

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From transports across the continent to last-mile deliveries, the speed and flexibility of trucks remain unchallenged. With Nissin, you can rely on a network of carefully selected transport partners to get your goods exactly where you want them, when you want it.

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Freight trains are an ideal middle ground between ships and airplanes. They are more economical than a cargo plane and faster than an ocean vessel, while they have a smaller ecological impact than both. Moreover, Europe and Asia have a vast railroad network that connects all major cities. Nissin has good relations with several railway carriers, so that you can take full advantage of this network to efficiently move your cargo across the continent.

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Before or after shipping, your goods will need to be stored. As your logistics partner, Nissin offers you storage space in a variety of warehouses worldwide. Whether it’s regular cargo, dangerous and explosive materials, valuable goods or temperature-sensitive foodstuff, we have a warehousing solution in store. Nissin Belgium has a range of warehouses located on strategic sites in Belgium: Antwerp South, Brussels and Liège.

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Are you an expat or are you planning to reinforce your local team with an expert from abroad? We help you move furniture and household items. Swiftly and carefully, so that you or your international guest will soon feel at home.

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