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13 Mar 2024
The future of warehouse automation: Industrial machinery and equipment transportation

Machinery and Equipment Transportation: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Seamless transportation of industrial machinery and equipment is an intricate process that requires careful planning and execution. As businesses push to optimize their supply chains across continents and maintain operational efficiency, even a minor oversight during the transportation process can result in costly delays, equipment damage, or safety hazards.

In today’s globalized economy, it’s crucial to avoid common mistakes that often arise during industrial machinery and equipment transportation to ensure a smooth and successful transportation process. By identifying these mistakes, you can minimize disruptions, protect your valuable assets, and maintain operational efficiency. To direct these complexities and ensure a smooth transportation experience, partnering with a logistics provider like Nissin Belgium, which specialises in industrial machinery and equipment, can be invaluable.

What are examples of industrial machinery and equipment?

Industrial machinery and equipment include heavy types of machinery like cranes, excavators, forklifts, metalworking tools like lathes and milling machines, printing and packaging machinery, industrial robotics, food processing equipment, agricultural equipment like tractors and harvesters, and mining equipment like drills and hauliers.

These are just a few examples, and the list can go on, as each industry has its unique set of specialized machinery and equipment designed to meet specific production or operational requirements.

Inadequate Planning and Risk Assessment in Machinery and Equipment Transportation

One of the companies’ most significant mistakes is failing to thoroughly assess risks and plan for contingencies. Overlooking critical factors such as route assessments, load securement, and regulatory compliance can lead to costly delays, accidents, or legal issues, ultimately disrupting business continuity.

Improper Packaging and Crating

Industrial machinery and equipment are often delicate, heavy, and irregularly shaped, making them vulnerable to damage during transit. Improper packaging or crating can result in dents, scratches, or even complete equipment failure, rendering the assets unusable upon arrival. Partnering with experienced professionals who understand the packaging details for specialized industrial machinery is crucial to ensure the safe arrival of your valuable equipment.

Underestimating Load Dimensions and Weight 

Inaccurate load calculations can lead to many problems, from overloading vehicles to clearance issues en route. Precise measurements and weight calculations are essential to ensure safe and compliant transportation. A slight miscalculation can have severe consequences, such as vehicle breakdowns, route obstructions, or legal penalties.

Lack of Specialized Equipment and Expertise

Transporting industrial machinery and equipment often requires specialized equipment, such as heavy-duty flatbeds, cranes, or lifting devices. Attempting to move these loads without the proper equipment or expertise can compromise safety and increase the risk of damages or accidents, leading to significant financial losses and potential injuries.

Poor Communication and Coordination in Heavy Machinery and Equipment Transportation

Communication and coordination among all parties involved, including the shipper, carrier, and receiver, are critical for a successful transportation process. Failure in communication can lead to missed deadlines, incorrect deliveries, or mishandling of equipment, causing significant disruptions and financial losses for your business.

Looking for an International Logistics Partner?

Partnering with a logistics provider specialising in industrial machinery and equipment logistics is essential to navigating the complexities of industrial machinery and equipment transportation and avoiding these common pitfalls.

Nissin Belgium, an international logistics company in Machelen, Belgium, offers comprehensive solutions tailored to your industry’s unique needs. With our expertise, latest equipment, and strong commitment to safety and compliance, we ensure a seamless transportation experience for your valuable machinery and equipment.

Contact us today at + 32 2 751 44 99 or write to us at HowCanIHelpYou@be.nissin-eu.com to discuss your logistics needs and safeguard your valuable assets during transit.

21 Feb 2024
Pharmaceutical Packaging Innovations & Global Shipping

Packaging Innovations for Safe Global Shipping of Pharmaceuticals

The global pharmaceutical industry, from manufacturing facilities to clinics and hospitals, ships medicines and vaccines worth billions of dollars worldwide yearly. Getting these temperature-sensitive products from the manufacturing facility to the end user in good condition is critical. In recent years, innovation in packaging has helped enable safer shipping of medicines across continents.

Packaging protects pharmaceuticals from damage, contamination, and temperature excursions during transport. Pharma logistics companies like Nissin Belgium play a vital role in ensuring pharmaceuticals’ safe and efficient transportation. Let’s explore some key innovations in pharmaceutical packaging for global distribution.

Insulated Shipping Containers

Active and passive temperature-controlled containers are essential for shipping vaccines, biologics, and temperature-sensitive medicines worldwide. Insulated containers maintain product temperatures for extended periods. Sturdy insulating materials like polyurethane foam help regulate internal temperatures. Some containers use phase-change materials to provide cooling and prevent temperature spikes.

Data Loggers for Monitoring

Data loggers equipped with sensors track temperature, humidity, vibration and other parameters during pharmaceutical shipments. If thresholds are exceeded, alarms notify shippers to take preventive actions. Data loggers provide proof of compliant transportation conditions and help identify causes in case of temperature excursions.

Tamper-Evident Seals

Tamper-evident seals and security tapes enable quick visual inspection of parcels to check for unauthorized access. Any attempt to open or tamper with the package damages the seal, leaving visible signs. This deters theft and confirms product integrity throughout the shipping process.

Shock & Tilt Indicators

Shock or tilt indicators change color if rough handling or improper transport orientation causes excessive impacts or motion. They help assess if shipping conditions have compromised product quality or package integrity.

Innovations in primary packaging, like blow-fill-seal plastic containers, also help maintain sterility and extend shelf life. Unit dose packaging enhances convenience and safety for end-users.

Sustainable Packaging

As the world grapples with climate change, the pharma industry increasingly focuses on sustainable packaging solutions. Biodegradable materials, recycled content, and optimized designs all contribute to minimising pharmaceutical logistics’ environmental impact. These advancements benefit the planet and resonate with consumers who increasingly demand eco-conscious practices from the companies they support.

Child-Resistant Packaging

Accidental ingestion of medications by children can have devastating consequences. To address this concern, child-resistant packaging solutions have been developed. These innovative designs incorporate mechanisms that challenge young children’s dexterity while remaining accessible to adults. This ensures the safety of children without compromising accessibility for those who need the medication.

Partnering with Nissin Belgium for Seamless Pharma Logistics

Navigating the complexities of global pharma transportation requires expertise and a commitment to innovation. At Nissin Belgium, we understand the challenges and are dedicated to providing our clients with the best solutions. Our experienced professionals work closely with clients to meet their specific needs, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of your valuable pharmaceuticals.

Contact us today on + 32 2 751 44 99 or write to us at HowCanIHelpYou@be.nissin-eu.com to learn about our seamless logistics services and packaging innovations.

20 Nov 2023
pharmaceutical logistics Truck in a Warehouse

Ensuring Safe and Secure Transport: Best Practices in Pharmaceutical Logistics

The pharmaceutical industry is a critical part of the global healthcare system, responsible for developing and delivering life-saving medications to patients worldwide. However, safely and securely transporting these medications is a complex and challenging task. Pharmaceutical products are often temperature-sensitive and must be handled carefully to ensure their efficacy and safety.

As many logistics companies navigate the complexities of global supply chains, organizations like Nissin Belgium are emerging as key players in ensuring the safe and secure transport of life-saving drugs.

What is the Role of Logistics in Pharma?

In the pharmaceutical industry, logistics ensures that medications are transported from manufacturing facilities to distribution centers, pharmacies, and ultimately to patients. Effective pharma logistics involves various activities, including planning, routing, scheduling, and tracking shipments. It also requires specialized expertise in temperature-controlled transportation and handling hazardous materials.

What are the Conditions of Pharmaceutical Transportation?

Pharmaceutical products, particularly temperature-sensitive medications, demand stringent transportation conditions to preserve their potency and effectiveness. These conditions often include:

Temperature control: Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals must be transported within specified temperatures to maintain efficacy and safety.

Humidity control: Humidity levels can also impact the stability of pharmaceutical products. Maintaining a controlled humidity environment is essential to prevent moisture damage and ensure product efficacy.

Vibration and shock protection: Pharmaceutical products must be protected from excessive vibration and shock during transport, as these factors can compromise their integrity and render them ineffective. Proper packaging and secure handling practices are essential to minimize the risk of damage.

Best Practices in Pharma Logistics

To ensure the secure transportation of medicines, pharmaceutical companies, and logistics providers must adhere to certain practices. These include:

Implementing real-time visibility: Real-time tracking and monitoring of shipments is critical to identify and address any issues that may arise during transport, such as temperature excursions or delays.

Selecting qualified logistics providers: Pharmaceutical companies should choose logistics providers with a history of success in handling temperature-sensitive and hazardous materials.

Employing specialized packaging: Proper packaging is essential to protect pharmaceutical products from damage and contamination during transport. This may include using shock-absorbing materials, humidity-controlled containers, insulated containers, refrigerated trailers, tamper-evident seals, or other specialized equipment.

Adhering to strict security measures: Pharmaceutical products are often valuable and may be targeted by theft or sabotage. Therefore, it is important to implement stringent security measures, such as vehicle tracking, access controls, and tamper-evident packaging.

Choose Nissin Belgium for Your Pharma Logistics Needs

At Nissin Belgium, we recognize the critical role of pharma logistics in the life sciences and healthcare industries. Our team of dedicated experts is committed to delivering comprehensive pharma logistics solutions that meet the highest safety, security, and compliance standards. We provide various services, including temperature-controlled transportation, secure storage facilities, and customized logistics solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Contact us at + 32 2 751 44 99 or write to us at HowCanIHelpYou@be.nissin-eu.com for more information.