Top 5 Advantages of Train Freight

train freight

Top 5 Advantages of Train Freight

Transporting goods is a crucial aspect of any business, and there are various modes available, including air, sea, road, and train. However, one method that often goes overlooked is train freight. Train freight, despite being one of the oldest modes of transportation, is still a preferred choice for many businesses globally.

In this blog, we will explore the top 5 advantages of train freight and why it may be the best option for your business.

1. Eco-friendly –

Rail freight is an environmentally friendly mode of transportation when compared to air and a combination of sea and air freight. Its main environmental benefit is the reduction of exhaust emissions, particularly carbon dioxide. When compared to other modes of transportation, rail freight emits much less CO2 into the air, using only about 10% of the energy that trucks require. Moreover, trains take roughly one-third of the time to reach their destination compared to road or water transport.

2. Shorter Lead Times –

Rail freight is a faster and more dependable mode of transportation than ocean freight, with shorter lead times. It is possible to reduce transportation times by about half with rail freight, making it highly advantageous for businesses that require fast delivery times, such as those in the fast-moving consumer goods industry.

3. Safe and Efficient –

Railroad safety has made significant progress over the last few decades due to ongoing investments in railway infrastructure, tracks, terminals, and border crossing stations. These improvements have resulted in better overall performance for rail freight. With the introduction of GPS tracking, trains can now ensure the protection of goods during transit, minimizing losses or theft. Carriers can now track the exact location of customers’ shipments and monitor milestones, enabling them to provide detailed container positioning and detect any unforeseen events during transportation.

4. Carry Heavy Loads –

Trains can transport significant amount of cargo and a large number of people in an efficient manner. Typically, they can carry up to 2,000 tons and travel at speeds exceeding 100 mph, making rail transportation an economical means of transporting heavy loads over long distances. Moreover, trains have a lower rate of accidents, making them a safer mode of transportation than other alternatives.

5. Cost-Effective –

As fuel costs continue to rise, rail transport is increasingly significant. Rail transport provides several advantages, including fast delivery to the destination and much lower fuel costs than other transportation methods. In comparison, it can be as much as 80% less expensive than air transport and up to 50% less expensive than road transport.

At Nissin, we are committed to providing fast and reliable transit times for your goods, while also ensuring their careful handling. Our train freight services offer several benefits, including saving fuel, ensuring efficient delivery, and more. Now that you understand the advantages of using rail freight, we encourage you to consider it for your business needs. Contact us today to learn more about our rail shipping services and how we can help you streamline your cargo delivery process.

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