Helpful Tips for Dangerous Goods Shipping

Helpful Tips for Dangerous Goods Shipping

One of the most critical functions of any logistics company is safely handling hazardous materials. Health, property, the environment, and public safety are all allegedly endangered by certain harmful commodities. There is a risk that it could jeopardize the safety of the aircraft or those on board.

Since 1998, Nissin has employed a team of experts who have handled dangerous commodities. Packing and storing these items effectively relies on possessing the necessary licenses and expertise. Trust us to handle your storage batteries and other explosive items because we are a full-time certified warehouse partner.

1. Give A Clear Idea About Your Shipping Material:

You should know your shipping material when you approach a logistics firm. The more they know about your product, the better they can help with advising you on the precautions you can take.

2. Check for Any Standardized Regulations:

Nowadays, we have so much information on the internet that you can find everything about pieces written on dangerous goods handling. Look for the Dangerous Goods Regulation of the International Air Transport Association if you can’t find these. Learn more about Belgium’s Dangerous Goods Code and transportation.

If you still feel confused, Nissin is your right partner. Our services include packaging, shipping, documentation, and storage facilities in Belgium and other areas. We take care of your products safely.

3. Know Whether Your Product Is Hazardous

There’s a chance you’re sending hazardous materials without even realizing it. Items like nail polish and nail polish remover, as well as other flammables, might be dangerous to ship, such as perfume, alcohol, aerosols, and batteries. This information should be shared with your shipping company better to handle the shipping and storage of your merchandise.

4. Use Correct Packaging Methods:

Always ensure that you use the correct packaging methods that are acceptable for shipping. Some items might need tight packing or leakproof, so it is better to know. When you are ready to pack boxes that have dangerous items, then make sure to label them appropriately. Don’t forget to tag the inside and the outer materials. You can leave emergency contact information too. Your label needs to have an IMDG code as it is a rule to be followed. If you are using a shipping container for storage, look at container storage solutions. Your carrier will help you with further queries.

Nissin keeps your goods safe by applying the best regulations for your product.

5. Maintain Proper Storage Before Shipping:

The products need to be stored practically to avoid the risk of the dangerous goods shipping process. For instance, if you have an item that is risky if exposed to high temperatures, you must ensure the storage area isn’t hot and keep it in a well-insulated location. You can also look for the different kinds of dangerous goods containers in sale to have better safety methods. Also, make sure that your container is openable and not blocked.

6. Keep Some Materials Away:

You need to keep a few items away from each other. If you are storing combustible or flammable liquids, you should not use any electrical equipment. Avoid the usage of wooden floorboards as this also helps in chemical absorption and would create a massive problem.

7. Carry Your documents:

There are some items which you need to have documents for. Any material which needs documentation should be accessible. There are rules for shipping these dangerous goods. If you know about your products, then your logistic firm will be able to help you. It would help if you weren’t afraid of asking. If what you are looking for is a refrigerated shipping container, we provide you with the best. Call us today!

Our goal at Nissin is to ensure that your belongings are properly packed and handled when they reach you. Our employees are well-versed in shipping logistics and can effectively manage the transfer of your belongings. You can rely on us to provide reliable logistical support in any location.

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