What is Freight Forwarding & What is the role of a Freight Forwarder

What is Freight Forwarding & What is the role of a Freight Forwarder

If you’re a company involved in international trade, freight forwarding services are essential to run your operations smoothly. Freight forwarding refers to the handling and coordinating a shipment of goods between the place of origin and the destination country with the help of single or multiple modes of transport. Freight forwarding aims at efficient and cost-effective logistics planning and management for transporting goods in a timely fashion and under optimal quality conditions.


International trade can be challenging if you cannot chalk out a proper logistic flow of your goods. This is where you will need the services of a clearing and forwarding agent like Nissin! We are a fair freight forwarder with an international network that provides customized transport and warehousing solutions to suit your organization’s specific needs.


Who Is A Freight Forwarder, And What Is His Role In Global Trade Operations?


On behalf of shippers, freight forwarding includes a strategic logistics plan and execution for the international freight of commodities. A freight forwarder acts as an agent and representative of the cargo owner or seller liable for moving the merchandise from one place to another. So basically, the coordination and transportation of entities from one location to another via single or numerous carriers via air, sea, rail, or roadway are known as freight forwarding. Their obligations as intermediaries begin when the consignment is picked up from the seller and finish when the products are delivered to the buyer’s selected destination.


Why do you need to hire a freight forwarding agent like Nissin?


To understand better the importance of the role and the functions of freight forwarding agents, read on!


  • Experienced freight forwarders like Nissin will advise you on all matters related to logistics, such as the costs involved in the exportation of goods of port and freight, consular fees, documentation, insurance, merchandise, and customs clearance incurred during exports.
  • We can predict expenses, offer a fair estimate of the time necessary, and advise the best potential modes of transportation and routes to guarantee the items arrive safely and securely if we completely grasp the nature of the commodities in transit.
  • Depending on the destination and route selected, we handle the booking and arrangement of the space on a ship, a plane, a train, or a truck for the exporter’s or importer’s cargo.
  • In the event of an accident, we coordinate and follow up on the insurance of the goods.
  • To ensure your consignment is transported well and arrives without any damage, we oversee the packaging and loading of your cargo into the selected carrier option.


At Nissan, our dedicated team of experienced freight forwarder professionals strives to simplify international trade and logistics to offer our clients personalized shipping solutions from start to end.


To learn more about how we can help you develop your international trade operations, contact us at +3227514499 or write to us at HowCanIHelpYou@nissin.be.

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